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Hardwood Flooring Service

Hardwood flooring is the go to flooring for the modern household. Hardwood has been used for years in home building, but there was a period of time where carpet became the preferred choice. While there are certainly benefits to carpeted floors, hardwood is now the preferred option. Hardwood is durable, it doesn’t stain easily, it can revisit all manner of things, such as pets and it is very easy to clean. For the modern home, hardwood also looks excellent and it is so low maintained that it makes a great option for busy professionals.

Natural Wood

One of the main types of wood flooring is natural wood. In natural wood flooring, floor planks are cut and then brought to a home or business with no finish and no stain on them. The planks are installed first, according to whatever pattern and flow you would like. Then, after the planks are installed, the wood is stained and treated. Natural wood floors are a great investment because, since they are wood all the way through, they can be refinished and restrained in the future. Natural wood is durable and give a lot of personalization options. We can even install laminate flooring as well as luxury vinyl plank.

Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood is another great option for wooden flooring. Engineered hardwood is actually plywood with a wooden veneer places on top of it. This makes engineered hardwood more durable than natural wood. Engineered hardwood comes pre-cut and pre-stained, ready to be installed as soon as we get it to your home or business. However, because engineered hardwood is not solid wood all the way through, refinishing is often trickier. The trade off is that engineered hardwood can usually last longer than natural wood though, and is often more likely to be more scratch resistant and dent proof.


One of the best parts about having hardwood installed is that it is completely customizable. Hardwood stain comes in all different kinds of colors and finishes. Floors can be toned to match the rest of your house. Floors can also be colored lighter or darker to give a completely unique touch to your home. What’s even better is that, if you have natural wood flooring, the stain that you choose doesn’t have to be that stain forever. Stains can be sanded off and then a new stain can be put down in the future; changing with your furniture or paint.


Another great thing about hardwood flooring is that, because it is installed piece by piece, hardwood floors can be laid down in patterns. Depending on the flow of your home, hardwood can be laid out parallel or perpendicular to your doors. Beyond that, hardwood can also be laid out in patterns, such as chevrons or basket weaves. Traditionally, hardwood is laid out in strait rows, which gives a timeless feel to your home, but the way in which you want your flooring installed is completely up to you. We can be as fun or as traditional as you want! Whether you have any home loft conversion projects or just want to give a room a fresh feel, we can help you reach your vision! We provide quality service just like our partners over at Hardwood Flooring Company Yonkers.


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