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Floor Refinishing

If you have experienced minor water damage, or are simply looking for a way to make your hardwood floors look new, refinishing could be a great option for you. If you are not looking to have your entire floor replaced, or simply don’t have the budget to do that, we can help you out with refinishing. In the refinishing process, we will make sure that your floors are properly fastened and secured. We will also make sure that imperfections are sanded away and then, after that, we can apply any new stain that you would like! Lastly, we will finish up the floor with a seal to prevent damage in the future.

Shore Up Floor

The shoring up process helps us to make sure that all of your floorboards are properly attached. In this process, we will go around your flooring and check for audible squeaks and visibly loose floorboards. If we hear squeaks or see loose boards, we will make sure that they are nailed in tight. In this process we usually try to make sure that your flooring is nailed in to the joists, as this will give the flooring a more permanent hold now and in to the future.

Rough Sand

After we have secured all of your flooring, we can go ahead with the next step, which is sanding. In the sanding process, what we are trying to do is two fold. The first thing we are trying to do is get rid of the finish and stain, stripping your floors back to their normal state so that we can change their appearance. The other thing we are trying to do is buff out many imperfections that your flooring may have gotten over the years. Sanding gives us a blank canvas to work from.


Once the floors are sanded properly and all imperfections are removed, we will then clean the floors thoroughly. This opens us up to the most fun part of the refinishing process, which is staining. Refinishing presents us with the option to change the stain of your floors completely. If you used to have darker floors but were not happy with them, we can now stain them to a lighter finish. Staining is a great option because it means that we don’t have to install a completely new floor. We are just using the floor you already have and love and giving it a new top coat so that it looks as fresh as possible.


After we stain and let that dry, the last step (and one of the most important) is to apply a finish to the floor. A polyurethane finish is always recommended as this will help protect your floors from water damage and stains. These finishes can be either water based or oil based, with water drying faster, but oil giving more protection. Which finish we use on your floors is completely up to you and your timeline and budget. No matter what we finish with, we promise it will help your floors last for years to come.


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