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About Our Team

We are the premiere flooring company in the Fremont, CA area. We have been in business for years and, over that time, have come in to contact with every types of flooring that there is. This has helped to make us experts on nearly every type of flooring out there. But it’s not just types of flooring that we have working knowledge of; it’s the entire process. We can lay down sub-flooring, we can install wood planks, we can also install carpet, tile and cement flooring. Beyond this, we can make sure that your flooring is protected and that it will last for years to come. In addition, if you are experiencing any problems with the floors you already have, we can help to fix them!

We are a team of very hard working people. We take flooring seriously and, because of that, we think we should be your first (and only) call. We have a sincere passion for installing amazing floors that you and your family will love. We show up to every job with a smile and we are some of the most outgoing people out there. We listen to all of your concerns and translate those in to real world solutions. We will help to assess what kind of floors would benefit you most and, when we’ve decide on that, we will install them for you. We can even refinish older hardwood floors if you love the floor you currently have, but just want something a little different.


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