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Carpet Installation

flooring services doing carpet installation

If you are thinking that you’d like to have carpet installed in part of, or all of, your home, there are several options to choose from. Depending on your budget, we can offer numerous, different materials and options. Carpet is a great choice for places where comfort is paramount, such as the bedroom. Carpet is not water resistant and, for this reason, should not be used in places such as kitchens or bathrooms, however, the choice is yours to make and we are happy to install carpet wherever you would for it to go.


When you are choosing a carpet for your home, its important to know the differences in carpeting types. There are five main types of carpet fibers: Triexta, nylon, polyester, olefin and wool. Each of these types has benefits and disadvantages, so know those can help you choose what’s right for you. Triexta is easy to clean and comes from renewable sources, nylons is resilient and less likely to mat and polyester is very stain resistant. Olefin is durable and very budget friendly, whereas wool is expensive, but all natural, and also very durable. If you have further questions about carpet types, please ask!

Cleaning and Care

Because carpet is made up of fibrous strands of material, it acts as a trapping agent for most dirt, dust, debris and liquid. This can cause carpet to become dirty very quickly and, for this reason, proper maintenance and cleaning is important. Carpet should be vacuumed, at least, once per week (we recommend twice). If anything spills on carpet, it should be immediately blotted out with warm water and detergent, so that it won’t stain. On top of this, we recommend having carpets professionally clean once per year, as this will help to maintain the health and life of your flooring.


Pets can be messy, there is no doubt about that. Even the best behaved pet will, somehow, get dirty form time to time. If you are a pet owner, we will most likely always recommend a hard floor option first. However, if you are set on carpet, we do have great options for pet owners. If you have a pet, we recommend something with a low pile, as it will be easier to clean. We also recommend something that is not natural, as artificial fibers are less porous and will help to resist things like stains and odors.


If you are wanting carpet installed and have children, consideration needs to be given to that. Kids are wonderful, but they are also messy. Because of this, we recommend having darker color carpets installed in homes with children. Darker carpets help to cover up damage and stains, whereas light carpets will show everything. On top of this, we also recommend artificial carpet materials. Think like nylon and olefin are are great options because they resist staining and are easy to clean. These carpets are also budget friendly so that, if carpet needs to be replaced in the future, it won’t break the bank.


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